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XreaL is a heavily improved Quake 3 Arena engine. It's bundled with new tools and a demo game that was never finished.


  • Modern OpenGL 3.2 renderer with all deprecated OpenGL calls removed
  • Clever usage of vertex buffer objects (VBO) to speed up rendering of everything
  • Avoids geometry processing each frame using the CPU (worst bottleneck with the Q3A engine)
  • Renders up to 500 000 - 1 000 000 polygons at 80 - 200 fps on current hardware (DX10 generation)
  • Optional GPU occlusion culling (improved Coherent Hierarchy Culling) useful for rendering large city scenes
  • Doom 3 .MD5mesh/.MD5anim skeletal model and animation support
  • Unreal Actor X .PSK/.PSA skeletal model and animation support
  • True 64 bit HDR lighting with adaptive tone mapping
  • Advanced projective and omni-directional soft shadow mapping methods like EVSM
  • Real-time sun lights with parallel-split shadow maps
  • Optional deferred shading
  • Relief mapping that can be enabled by materials
  • Optional uniform lighting and shadowing model like in Doom 3 including globe mapping
  • Supports almost all Quake 3, Enemy Territory and Doom 3 material shader keywords
  • TGA, PNG, JPG and DDS format support for textures
  • Usage of frame buffer objects (FBO) to perform offscreen rendering effects
  • Improved TrueType font support that does not require external tools
  • Linux 64-bit support
  • Linux sound backend using SDL
  • .avi recorder from ioquake3 including sound support
  • Optimized collision detection routines
  • Support for Omni-bot