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The FS_q3map_Radbump_4a is a special compiler for Bumpmapping, wich is a big part of mapping for UrTHD

Download: [1]

Forum: [2]

Other Tools

UrT Mapping Package 2.0

Download .exe: [3]

Download .zip: [4]


- Added Urban Terror HDa for Radiant
- Added Urban Terror 4.2 for Radiant (for those who use the iourbanterror42_bumpy_v7a.exe)
- Updated Urban Terror 4.1.1
- Bump Mapping Support
- FS_q3map_Radbump_4-Builds included
- Buildcommands for FS_q3map_Radbump_4 in the Compiler
- Added the CubeMapProbe Entity
- Removed unused quake3 entities

Install .exe:

1. Start the installer
2. Choose your Radiant install folder
3. Install

Install .zip:

1. Open the .zip file with an archive manager (7zip, IZarc, ...)
2. Extract all files to your Radiant install folder
Error.png You have to restart Radiant afterwards!

Thanks to: TwentySeven for his great compiler and the coolest .exe ever.

Tested on:

- NetRadiant 1.5.0 = worsk excellent
- GtkRadiant 1.5.0 = works excellent

The .zip should work on Linux and MacOS, but the new Compiler doesnt work on both.