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The current website

The CMM website started life on the domain, and moved to the new web address on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:16 am.

The website uses a standard phpbb3 theme, AeroBlue. The theme has been modified slightly, additional menu items have been added as and when they were needed.

The current banner features obscure references to:

On 1st January, 2014, 2 new emblems were added:

Why do you use the current theme?

The current theme was chosen because no consent could be arrived at when the site was created.

Can we change the theme?

You may choose from a selection on themes using your forum control panel. Not all options are supported on all themes.

Can we have a new theme?

Yes, please design it using phpbb3 template format and we'll organise a vote on the forum. If a majority of members prefer your theme, it will be implemented.

What does the song "Never going to give you up" sound like?

Please follow this link for more information Never going to give you up

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