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I prefer this page - you can delete the old page if you like -JohnnyEnglish

Moved it and deleted all links related to it, also protected. You can still find it via special pages or search. Now let's remove all those redlinks! :) -Rylius

I'm on it -

Also, could you enable file uploads please? -Rylius

I'm doing the file uploads now.. 1 second. Done

wow! love the icons n1

yeah, great stuff :) got it from fatcow webhosting

Rylius, how do I add a link back to the forum in the left menu?

Nice job on cleaning up the categories - nice layout

Didn't I already put a link in the navigation? lol You can edit on the page MediaWiki:Sidebar

lol, my eyes are funny -

i think vendettas registration is stuck or something, it's in the admin queue from 2pm?

Nice job guy's! I will be here and there filling out what i know. I will add comments whenever i add/change anything. Please do correct me if i write anything wrong, or if some of my sentenses makes no sence. Gramar is not my stronges side. -DagF

Just write, it will get corrected eventually. Dont be afraid :)

LOL - I'm sure people will find mistakes with what we've written and correct us - eventually

Johnny: Do we need a funstuff section?

If you want one?

Well, I suppose it's mapping related - which category?

I'll add a new category in Further Reading

I have checked all for spelling, it's about all im good for right now

Feel free to do whatever you want - you cant break it :)

Should I add a category about XreaL? xmap2 can compile standard Quake 3 maps just fine and at least NetRadiant is capable of loading XreaL material files. --Rylius 10:48, 20 August 2011 (BST)

Yes - that would be great - though the biggest problem I found with xreal and q3 maps is the modelscaling doesn't work and the textures loose rotation and scale.

Is that fixed?

I haven't found any issues with textures, although modelscale didn't work last time I checked. As soon as I get my PC back I'll see if I can fix it and submit a patch --Rylius 11:03, 20 August 2011 (BST)