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Roadworks.png This page is work in progress!

Besides Radiant a mapper requires many other tools: image editors, sound editors, text editors and so on.

Image tools

NormalMapper for mac

[Download from Custom Map Makers]



Terrain generation


Terragen classic is a windows or mac only application. The good news is that the app works perfectly well under wine so Linux users can use it also. The classic version is a free download though a little limited in it's rendering dimensions, it's fully functional and worth a try.

Download from [Terragen Official Site]

For more information about how to use Terragen to make skyboxes for your map, see the topic Making sky box images with Terragen

Sound editors


Video editors

Misc tools


ffmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to convert audio and video. There are versions for Windows, mac and Linux.

It's a command line tool which may deter some people but if you need to convert video to .roq (the format used in q3 maps) there's very little else available.

ffmpeg can also be used to convert audio formats to the 22k wav format required for Urban Terror maps.


Povray is a command line ray tracer capable of producing amazing output with a few simple text files. PovRay can be used for the following

  • Make scenery, there is a city scape macro
  • Make foliage
  • Make skyboxes

You can download PovRay freely for all platforms, the current version is 3.6 [PovRay Download Page]

For more information about making skyboxes with PovRay see the topic Making sky box images with PovRay

Surface Generators

Surface generators are used to help create complex shapes, the most popular surface generator, hosted and created by Rambetter has recently gone offline but an alternative can be found here.

Also, thelionroars has created a java version of this tool, for more information about this see Surface Generator

CMC models clipping tool

CMC is a commandline tool for semi-automatic clipping of models for Q3map2 map files. The approach carried by CMC is to automatically insert clip brushes into a map file following a "clip model" (ie, a standalone map file) provided by the user. CMC consists of a python script and is licensed under beerware revision 42. Beware, the licence will be strongly enforced.

For more information, see Cmc

KroniKs Mapping Pack

KroniKs Mapping Pack includes manuals, all the UrT .def files, and a bunch of other stuff.

It also supports both GTK Radiant 1.5 and 1.6 depending on which one you use.

Also includes a mappacker and a custom "bsp" menu that includes different mappacker options. It could also use a little bug testing just to make sure that it works correctly.

KroniKs Mapping Pack from Custom Map Makers.