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Note: Urban Terror creates a minimap automatically.
You can find it in the same location as your BSP file and you need to add it to your PK3.

Creating a minimap with q3map2

You have to create a new Compiling stages, which starts with -minimap, then a -size and a -border
Black-White Minimap

Here are the commands for q3map2 you can use:

  • minimap ... filename.bsp: Creates a minimap of the BSP, by default writes to ../gfx/filename_mini.tga
  • black: Write the minimap as a black-on-transparency RGBA32 image
  • boost F: Sets the contrast boost value (higher values make a brighter image); contrast boost is somewhat similar to gamma, but continuous even at zero
  • border F: Sets the amount of border pixels relative to the total image size
  • gray: Write the minimap as a white-on-black GRAY8 image
  • keepaspect: Ensure the aspect ratio is kept (the minimap is then letterboxed to keep aspect)
  • minmax xmin ymin zmin xmax ymax zmax: Forces specific map dimensions (note: the minimap actually uses these dimensions, scaled to the target size while keeping aspect with entering, and 1/64 of border appended to all sides)
  • nokeepaspect: Do not ensure the aspect ratio is kept (makes it easier to use the image in your code, but looks bad together with sharpening)
  • o filename.tga: Sets the output file name
  • random N: Sets the randomized supersampling count (cannot be combined with -samples)
  • samples N: Sets the ordered supersampling count (cannot be combined with -random)
  • sharpen F: Sets the sharpening coefficient
  • size N: Sets the width and height of the output image
  • white: Write the minimap as a white-on-transparency RGBA32 image

Example for a simple Black-White Minimap:

-minimap -size 512 -sharpen 1 -border 0