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The Team has an IRC Channel to support You in Real-Time per Text-Chat.

If you do not know what IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is, head over to Wikipedia


The CustomMapMakers Community is sitting mostly 24/7 in the QuakeNet IRC Network in the Channel #cmm

You can join via webchat or connect with the IRC Program of your choice to one of Quakenet's Servers.

The Servers are listed at, or you can simply just connect to their random rotation, ''.

The Ports are IRC-standard, you can connect to Port 6665-6667 (6667 is the default used by all irc Programs, you can leave it blank).

Our registered channel '#cmm' can be joined per typing '/join #cmm' or any other way you tell your program to join the Channel '#cmm'.

We do not have Password Protection, however we may set a password temporarily if someone thinks to troll our well-behaved Community.

The QuakeNet network offers Nick Registration based on an account system, you can find all information here, however there is a simple thing you can do for some extra protection. You may cloak your Hostname (and IP) - for more information contact one of the OPs of #cmm or '/query v3nd3tta``' (what opens a private chat to me, v3nd3tta).


You have to apply to the QuakeNet Rules.

If you do not apply the above Rules the OPs are allowed to take any action to reinforce these Rules.

This includes you remembering the Guidelines, Muting, Kicking, (Temp-)Banning as well as in severe cases Perm-Banning.

Channel Operators

The Operating users for the CMM QuakeNet IRC Channel are at the Moment the users:

  • 'v3nd3tta``'
  • 'JohnnyEnglish'

You may always ask them for help publicy in the Channel, or PM (/query <name>) them - as long as you stay in the Guidelines - but they may always Ignore you or sometimes be AFK, so be patient.

The List of Operators and their Privileges may always change, so do not Rely on this basic list.


The Contents of this Page may always be changed by the Operators and Adminstrators of the CustomMapMakers Community.
All Rights Reserved, 2011 The Community.