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Official Support Forum @Splashdamage

The latest version is Q3Map2_2.5.16

Q3Map2 is a BSP compiler for games based on the Quake III Arena engine. It compiles .map files, which are editable with an editor, into .bsp files, which are understandable for the game and not editable. It currently supports the following platforms:

note: Future support for Call of Duty is a possibility.

Q3Map2 was designed to replace the Q3Map.exe that comes with QERadiant, GtkRadiant and GMAX Tempest. However, there are significant enhancements that require a little twiddling to use, such as faster lighting and enhanced surface production.



Q3Map2 is a command-line utility. In general, users make use of Q3Map2 in one of three ways:

It should be noted that the default command lines given in the GtkRadiant bsp menu are by no means a complete showcase of the available Q3Map2 options and switches. You may edit the bsp menu command lines from the GtkRadiant preferences, but for total control of your Q3Map2 compile writing a batch file or using one of the front ends is probably a better idea.

Q3Map2 command lines generally follow the format:

"C:\path\to\Q3Map2.exe" [<general option>] [<major switch> [<minor switch> <minor switch>...]] "C:\path\to\maps\"


General options

-connect <hostname/ip address>
-game <quake3|wolf|et|etut|ef|jk2|ja|sof2|tenebrae|qfusion>
Info.png Game switch "q3ut4" is commonly refered in Urbanterror mapping tutorials. It actually does not exist, q3map2 silently defaults to quake3 settings.

-fs_game <mod name>
-fs_basepath <"C:\path\to\game\directory">
-convert [-format <ase|map|quake3|wolf|et|etut|ef|jk2|ja|sof2|tenebrae|qfusion>]
-scale <N.N>

-threads <number of threads Q3Map2 should use>


Major switches


Minor switches

The three major switches (-bsp, -vis, and -light) all have many options that can be accessed via their respective minor switches. There are quite a few minor switches, so in the interest of readability the lists of minor switches have been organized on separate pages of the Q3Map2 wiki.

BSP phase minor switches

Q3Map2 BSP phase minor switches have their own page at Compiling:q3map2/BSP

VIS phase minor switches

Q3Map2 VIS phase minor switches have their own page at Compiling:q3map2/VIS

Light phase minor switches

Q3Map2 Light phase minor switches have their own page at Compiling:q3map2/LIGHT

Q3Map2-specific entities



Q3Map2-specific entity keys

Q3Map2-specific entity keys have their own page at Compiling:q3map2/Entity keys.

FS Q3map Radbump

FS_q3map_Radbump_4a is a modification of the Q3Map2 compiler developed by TwentySeven. It integrates support for normal, bump, and specular maps.

FS_q3map_Radbump_4a is available from [Q3Map2 bumpmapping modifications at Urbanterror forums]

A brief usage description [FS_q3map_Radbump_4a at Urbanterror level design tutorials]

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