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The Custom Map Makers produced a skeet shooting map

The map contained a few interesting features.

  • Bots "launched" as skeet
  • Weapon reload room
  • TV Screen


The design brief for this map

  • Create a skeet shoot map
  • Create something original
  • Don't use previous versions as a base
  • You've got a week

Initial layout

The initial design of the size and shape of the arena was decided in an evening, I sent a rough map and the only modification that was requested that I flare the landing zone by 12 degrees.

Having the total areana in a single large box meant I could quickly add wall and a base for the shooting area.

Firing bots

It was decided to use trigger_push to launch bots, nodraw brushes were created just under each red spawn point.

These were then selected and the trigger_push selected from the entities window.

target_position entities were used as targets, in some cases these were shared between 1 or 2 trigger_push brushes.


More construction

After the bot trajectories had been added (the fine tuning continued for another 4 days) the rest of the map was constructed.

Eye candy